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Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Colours


Revamp your furniture like a pro with rich and vibrant hues of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. This handmade paint is a perfect blend of style, quality and safety. The 100% vegan formulation ensures that no animals were harmed in its creation and for the pet parents out there, fret not! Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is completely pet-safe. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is favoured for its minimal preparation, it is a water-based paint which translates to easy application, quick drying, superior adhesion, and hassle-free cleaning and leaves a beautiful finish with its self-levelling properties, built-in primer and durable topcoat, allowing you to easily and quickly refresh any piece of furniture, refresh your walls as well as many other projects. With a wide range of colours available, it’s easy to customise any furniture project and create the look you want whether you are painting your vintage cabinet or upcycling a garage sale table Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is all the inspiration you need!


Wild Maid - Dusky Pink

Cornish Pottery - Light Blue

Kelp - Vibrant Light Green

Gul Rock - Light Grey

Black Rock - Rich Black

Lobster - Burnt Orange

Bake House - Cream

Samphire - Dark Green

High Tide - Dark Grey

Thrift - Deep Pink

Fish House - Off White

Sea Glass - Pale Light Green

Blackcurrant - Deep Rich Purple

Cornish Honey- Yellow

Blue Lobster - Light Navy Blue

Sea Pink - Light Pale Pink 

Melinsey - Cream

Squid Ink - Navy Blue

Goose - Taupe

Mor - Blue

Mead - Deep Red

Flour Sack - Warm White

Hive - Yellow

Salt -  White

Smoke House - Smoky Grey

Blue Honey - Teal

Siren - Emerald Blue



Interior and Exterior


100% Vegan

Child & Pet Safe


Little to no preparation needed

Adheres to most surfaces


Cornish Mineral Paint - Colours

PriceFrom £9.60
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