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Photography Art Tabletop Display Stand


Handcrafted Beech Hardwood Photo Browser, is a refined solution designed for photographers, artists, and individuals seeking an elevated means of showcasing their visual narratives. With a laser-engraved logo, slogan, or web address along the top bar.


Crafted from Beech hardwood, this photo browser effortlessly blends sophistication with functionality, offering a bespoke point of sale display for your images.


The stand-up design, a distinctive feature, not only accentuates the visual appeal but also provides a seamless browsing experience, making it ideal for tabletop presentation.


Perfect for exhibitions, studios, and craft fairs makes an elegant focal point on your tabletop, this photo browser harmonizes functionality and style with finesse. The Beech hardwood offers a smooth finish and subtle grain patterns enhance its overall aesthetic.


While the standard size display is 600mm wide x 450mm deep x 400mm high, we can tailor this browser to your specific preferences by specifying measurements of your choice, ensuring a personalized touch to suit your unique needs For bespoke size please contact us


Elevate your display game and convey your visual artwork with our Handcrafted Beech Hardwood Photo Browser – a seamless blend of craftsmanship and creativity, where each image unfolds a story with grace and precision.


Please note:

This is a made to order item and will be roughly 3 weeks before dispatching.

Photography Art Tabletop Display Stand

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